A Business Profile

What is a Business Profile?  

Expose your business on LiveCommunities. Do you sell the best darn cookies in town? Can your staff juggle lemons while making lemonade? Is your furniture hand-made by a monk in the Himalayas? Every business has quirks – those little things that keep your customers coming back for more – show them off with a business profile.

Profile Features
Contact Information

All your contact information is provided so that your customers and NEW customers can get ahold of you.  Links to your website and social media tools are displayed for quick access.


Here is where you can display what makes your business go.  List all your unique and special services for everyone to see.  You can feature a service so that it gets extra exposure on various pages within each community site.


You get 12 reminders, one for each month.  With a little planning you just create your 12 reminders and then every month your month specific reminder just automagically appears.

Did You Know

These are those little things that you continuously are telling your customers and surprised they didn't know.   

Unique Business Features
Featured Brands

The brands you carry are important to you.  You can feature these brands on your business profile and then we feature these brands randomly throughout the website.   Available at 'Your Business'

Featured Menu Item

If you have a menu we can feature selected menu items on your business profile and also throughout the website complete with a delicious picture.

Patio Guide

Do you have a patio.  Our patio guide provides the details and a great picture.

Day of the Week Events


Bonus Features
Freshly Served Information


Featured Business's


What's New


New Listings


Monthly Reminders


Featured Services


Mailing List


Linked Communities


Niche Portals