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Maple - Bloodgood Japanese - Tree
Location: Partial Sun | Zone: 4
An excellent tree to use as an accent piece or a bonsai. This tree features deep red foliage that turns to a burgandy red in the fall. In the spring, small purple-red blooms appear which are followed by red samaras. This tree does well in moist, well-drained soil. Prefers partial sun locations.
Barberry - Golden Dwarf - Shrub
Location: Sun | Zone: 4
A compact and rounded shrub with bright golden-yellow foliage. In the spring, yellow flowers appear and soon mature to red, ornamental fruit in the summer. The fruit persists into the winter and provides a nice contrast against the golden foliage. In the fall, the golden foliage changes to a bright orange-red. This shrub is tolerant of clay and dry soil. Does best in full sun. Drought tolerant once established.
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