Plant Directory
Shasta Daisy - Sunny Side Up - Perennial
Location: Sun | Zone: 3
A white daisy-like flower with a large yellow center. The flowers appear on sturdy stems surrounded by narrow, coarse foliage. Multiple blooms per stem and multiple stems per plant. These daisies make excellent cut flowers and are drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies. Rabbit tolerant.
Dogwood - Neon Burst - Shrub
Location: Sun | Zone: 2
A bright smaller dogwood that provides excellent contrast in any landscape. It features bright neon-green/gold foliage with intense red stems which carry through the winter. The shrub holds its color well throughout the season and turns red-yellow-orange in the fall. It is very showy throughout the season. This shrub prefers moist, well-drained soil. Rabbit resistant.
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