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    A Business Profile within our community is a great complement to your existing online presence and is an excellent alternative to a website for many small businesses.  It is a very affordable option that gives you a searchable webspace within an active local community.
    Your Business Profile page is constructed using SEO techniques to increase visibility of your profile to users of a search engine.  A business profile page will find its way to the top of local business search requests.  Backlinks to your website also improves your website SEO.
    LiveCommunities is a linked group of business communities that focuses on small businesses in each community.  Network with other businesses, plus expose your services and other information about your business that others may just not know.
    A Business Profile
    A business profile is an optional business promotion opportunity within our directory. It gives you a full page to tell us your business story and more.
    Your Contact Information

    A business profile provides all your contact information so that your current customers and NEW customers can get ahold of you.  Your address, phone number and a link to your website are all clearly displayed plus quick links to any social media tools that you use so that customers can follow and like you.

    Your Services

    Your profile lists all your unique and special services for everyone to read and learn about.  You can select a service to feature so that it will get extra exposure locally and in the community.  The home page of your town portal randomly selects featured services to display and there is a page dedicated to all featured services by businesses in your community.

    Business Reminders

    Remind your customers of upcoming seasons and events.  You get 12 reminders, one for each month.  With a little planning you create your 12 reminders for the year and then forget about it.  Every month your specific reminder just automagically appears.

    Did You Know

    Its amazing how many things customers just don't know about your business.  "Did You Know" information windows are those little things that you continuously are telling your customers and surprised when they say they didn't know that.   You can list as many as you want and two will randomly appear on your business profile page and also on your portal home page.   A new selection is displayed with every page visit.

    Business Hours

    Post your business hours on your profile.  Are you open Sunday or late on special nights?  This feature dynamically hilites the current day of the week and has space to post special events happening soon.   Watch for a special holiday feature that informs customers of your business hours over Christmas.

    Business Tips

    Business owners can provide tips to help their customers.   Business Tips will randomly appear throughout the business portals.   

    Picture Gallery

    A few pictures of maybe you, your building, staff or products. 

    Unique Community Features
    Gift Guide

    Post items that are great gift shopping ideas.  Christmas is the biggy but Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines day gift guides are also available.

    Business Event Calendar

    Are you planning an event?  Post your major events on our business event calendar.  As your event approaches it will start to show on the home page of the portal.

    Business Directory Keyword Search

    Business keywords are found throughout the website.  Clicking on a keyword will take you to the business directory and provide a listing of businesses linked to the keyword.  So if you are looking for BREAKFAST, click on it when you see it and you will have choices! 

    Featured Brands

    The brands you carry are important to you.  You can feature these brands on your business profile and then we feature these brands randomly throughout the website.   Available at 'Your Business'

    Featured Menu Item

    If you have a menu we can feature selected menu items on your business profile and also throughout the website complete with a delicious picture.

    Patio Guide

    Do you have a patio.  Our patio guide provides the details and a great picture.

    Day of the Week Events

    Do you have events that happen every Monday or a particular day of the week?  Post them and they will automatically show up on that day.

    Freshly Served Information

    The home page of every business portal randomly selects a new batch of information with every visit.   Featured directory listings, Services, Reminders and Did you know messages.   Events that are closing in will automatically get front page exposure and are removed when they pass.

    Custom Development

    Need something to promote your business services that would be unique and save you gobs of time.  We do custom module development.

    New Listings

    As new business join the directory we post a short summary about them and list them as a new listing for 60 days.

    Monthly Reminders and Featured Services

    The home page of each portal selects a random reminder and service from all the businesses to display with each visit.

    Mailing List

    We are building a customer mailing list that will allow businesses to send out specials and business news.

    Worth a Click Banner

    These banners are found throughout the website.   They display your logo and a direct link to your website. 


    LiveCommunities - www.LiveCommunities.ca - brings all the communities together and highlights everything that is new, unique and interesting from each.

    Linked Communities

    All our communities are linked.   Click on a highway sign at the bottom of each home page to warp to a new community and learn about their great small businesses.

    Niche Pages

    Niche pages bring all the related businesses from different communities together.   Watch for Wedding, Craft Beer, Travel and other niche pages in the near future.   Your business profile in your community automatically includes you.

    Google Rankings

    The design of your profile is very favorable when it comes to the google search engine rankings.   Business profiles generally appear near the top of specific search requests.


    All small businesses are awesome.  Some do certain things just a little bit better and should be recognized.


    A business profile is an all inclusive package.   Profile participation gives you access to all features and benefits. 


    Clicking on a BizIcon will take the visitor straight to your business profile.  Click on the LiveVentures bizicon to see my profile.