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Local Community Business Network
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    LiveVentures | August 2018
    "All our communities are LINKED together. Clicking on a highway sign on any home page of any LiveCommunity will jet you to the next community site. Learn something new!  "



    Random Community Business Tips
    Arnold Palmer - Ponoka Golf Club - Ponoka
     Always make a total effort even when the odds are against you.
    Volunteer - Seasons Retirement Community - Ponoka
    Older adults who volunteer, have higher levels of well-being. Participate in services geared towards your individual abilities and interests.
    Invest in Learning - Photography By Alison - Bowden
    Invest more in learning photography than in gear.
    Marion's Skillet - Marion's Eatery - Lacombe
    My favorite and will be your favorite .. if you are undecided .. order my skillet. 
    When Can I Start! - Got 2 Dance Productions - Ponoka
    If you can walk, you can dance! We offer a Twirling Tots program for toddlers and their mom, dad, grandparent, caregiver, whoever! Only half an hour per week and so much fun!
    Online Registration Opens August 26th - Ponoka Rec Hockey - Ponoka
    Backup - Go Travel with Tammy - Red Deer County
    Make photocopies of your passports and keep them separate from the original, in case you lose the original. It's also a good idea to leave a copy with your emergency contact.
    When in doubt, Click it - LiveVentures - Ponoka
    Most images on this site are clickable and will link you to more information about a business or event.
    Bathtub Check - Bulls Eye Contracting - Lacombe
    Check the silicone around your tub yearly.This is a high water use area and one step that can prevent mildew and water issues in future years.
    Pro Tip - Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc. - Ponoka
    Do NOT put anything into your toilet other than the 4 P's - Pee, Poop, Puke, and Paper (Toilet paper, RV or septic grade)
    Star Employees - LiveVentures - Ponoka
    The cost of losing a star employee is enormous, take the time to ensure your top performers are properly motivated, challenged, and compensated.
    Friday Nights - Two Guys and A Pizza Place - Lethbridge
    The weekend is busy .. come early .. be patient .. enjoy!
    Suspected Concussion - Ponoka Physiotherapy & Acupuncture - Ponoka
    Immediate removal from play following a suspected concussion followed by assessment by a trained practitioner in Concussion Care will allow for quicker return to sport without complications.
    Travel Tip - BeeLieve Lifestyle and Apparel - Ponoka
    This is my first tip. Don't forget or lose your passport.
    Don't miss the shot - Photography By Alison - Bowden
    Always have a camera in your pocket. Always.